"China Moses is joyous. She loves nothing better than to delve into themes - to explore, expand and explode them. 

After traversing the Great American Songbook, she now turns her attention to carving out her own terrain. The resulting twelve songs are destined to become new standards. Like an archer, Moses draws from the quiver of her musical forbears, sending arrows true and further than those who preceded her. 

Unconventional and unfettered, China challenges conventions, breaking free of boundaries and constraints. Her mezzo voice glides silkily on sumptuous ballads, filled with passionate syncopation - unadorned, yet immodest. 

She is the rare young, female artist - capable of swinging with the finest and drawing on her innate mastery of tempo. Her R&B heritage allows her to smile around a phrase, carry emotions across a lyric and infuse profundity in every note. 

Surrounded by a cross-genre cadre of musicians, China Moses is poised to reinvent the Jazz Vocal archetype for a new age, jettisoning that which is unneeded on her trajectory - taking listeners beyond the known to a universe uniquely her own."

- André Manoukian